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Dear BigPond Member,

We're making improvements that streamline your bill and improve your account experience. These changes have potential to help the environment by reducing paper use.

Importantly, you will be able to manage your account and billing requirements from any computer with internet access, any time of the day.

A new-look bill

You will notice differences in the way your bill looks including:

•     A new account number 123456789 
•     The ability to view your BigPond charges in Telstra's Online services
•     A new BPAY Biller Code and reference number
•     A new look format for your billing account information

If you would like more detail about these changes please visit our New BigPond billing options page by clicking    

All you need is available online

As your BigPond account is linked with Telstra's Online Services, it is easier to view detailed account information for all your services online. All you need to do is upgrade your registration with your new account number, and if you sign up using your existing BigPond username and password, you'll be able to move seamlessly between the BigPond and Telstra sites with only one login.

You can login to your BigPond Account by clicking
Once you are logged in you'll see a link to Telstra Online Billing where you can follow the prompts to register.

Other My BigPond services can continue to be accessed at bigpond.com, including:

•     Your usage meter
•     Ability to change or update your plan
•     Ability to manage your additional services and previous bill history.

Of course once you receive your new bill, if you find you'd prefer more detail, visit telstra.com/billchoices or give us a call on 1800 721 838, the choice is yours.  

Other changes that may be relevant to you

•     Account access for authorised representatives
•     Setting up account payment reminders

To learn more click
A chance to win, could make you grin

If you upgrade your registration and use Telstra's Online Billing before the 31 December 2008, you'll not only be helping to reduce the environmental impact of paper usage but you'll also have a chance to win an amazing holiday to the seven wonders of Australia*. For more information on how to win click 
Fingers crossed!

Kind regards,

The BigPond Team