Dr Norman Abjorensen is a lecturer in political science at the Australian National University.

    House Rules

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      • Ture Sjolander :

        24 Jul 2010 9:14:15am

        EXTRA EXTRA read all about it:
        I'm going to renounce my Australian citizenship and take back my Permanent Residential status and join that large group of a million Australians. To apply again for Permanent Residence only cost $ 280.00.
        Than you are not eligible to vote and in that way you don't get a fine of $ 110.00 for not voting. Lucky me!
        After you can completely skip reading, listen and watching all the Australian News Media, too.
        Give me the "microphone" and I'll tell you all about this nation.

        • Ture Sjolander :

          24 Jul 2010 8:48:42am

          There is "We" and "We other" in this hopeless nation.
          We other are the right people.
          Moral sense: Right place, wrong people. I am Australia, Not you. Only me constitute "The Australian Lifestyle, not you".

          • Ture Sjolander :

            24 Jul 2010 8:39:35am

            Wherever you go there you are.

          • Every Australian media space is totally dominated of the very same names.
            Australia's media culture is ugly.
            People are ugly. The Australian's - the ones who call them self aussie's, are the most ugly ones.
            They are nagging and nagging about all the British stuff.People are not migrating to Australia for the reason of that ugly click of Aussie's. Migrants got here for the climate and the rest they close their eyes for.
            When they close their eyes they don't get the microphone either. It is given to the inbred only by father Christmas Mr Murdoch&Co.
            The whole nation is right now like a Fascistic Democratic Monarchy.
            I am lucky to be A-political however!

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                   TURE  SJOLANDER