The Independent Steering Committe Secretariat Glyn Davis Co-Chair 2008
Mr Per Ture Sjolander
PO Box 612
NSW 6624

Dear Mr Sjolander

You were recently nominated to participate in the Australia 2020 Summit to be held at
Parliament House, Canberra on 19-20 April this year.

Selection by the Independent Steering Committe has been finalised. The selection process
was very difficult due to the overwhelming number of outstanding nominations. Unfortunately
you have not been selected as a participant to attend the Australia 2020 Summit.

I want to thank you for your interest and encourage you to continue your involvement by
making a submission online via the website

All submissions will be publicly avaliable on this website and will be presented to the
Australia 2020 Summit participants to stimulate discussion and ideas about addressing our
future challenges.

We value and appreciate your contribution.


Glyn Davis
2020 Summit Co-Chair
(On behalf of the 2020 Steering Committe)

28 March 2008

AUSTRALIA 2020 SECRETARIAT                                                       Telephone (toll free): 1800 703 599
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"THIS WAS MY ONLY SUBMISSION, and I can make my own lunch at home and save the cost of travel and accomodation.
                                                                                       "When the Summit start, it's already over"     - Ture Sjolander
The Sport Devil
The Anglophilia Summit
Over two thousand (2.000) young Australian males
make suicide every year. That's more than China's Capital Punishment figures per year and almost the numbers of killed US soldiers in Iraq. If this suicides will continue upto 2020 Australia have lost approx. 30.000 young Australian  men.