AUSTRALIA 2020 SUMMIT 19-20 April 2008
Pariament House, no but the Swedish Castle HASSELBY in Stockholm
The One Thousand Leading Australians 2008
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Standing shoulder to shoulder
The Broken "Secret" High-Level Deal
Who, shot First  and Who was shot First ?                                             Was Reinado already shot dead, when                                                                                                              Ramos Horta was shot, and by Who?
And can one forgive  a shot-dead person ?
What an ambigious and ambitious mystery information !
Another Time-Frame Scenario:
If Renado did have any intention to assassin Ramos Horta he could have done that few week's earlier when Horta visited him (unarmed) up in the mountains - or at least abducted Horta -  at that that time.
They made an agreement to finish the deal and Reainado was asked  to come down to Horta.
When Reinado arrived with his mob Horta was not to be found and Reinado was ambushed by the guards and shot dead.
In deperation  and in revange the associates to Reinado shot Horta and  moved quickly to  find  the primeminster Gusmao, too...
Who was the killer and Who was the traitor's
Rupert Murdoch New President of Australia. Vice President John Hartigan
Name Change of Australia and a New Flag.