We all want a new lease of life.  That's what I dream of everyday, that's what keeps me going... a life that is better than this, one where I am more content and I am happy with myself for being who I am, and be true to myself.  

I want to wake up every day bursting with happiness.  A life where I have beauty around me, lush greenery and nature, the water, sunshine and I can lost for hours with simple pleasures, where I have love around me, enjoying it with my soulmate. Without feeling the pressure to be successful, competing and having to prove yourself to people around you, even though they mean nothing to you in your life, they are just mere passers-by in our world.

Unfortunately, I have become accustomed to nice things in life which you need money for.  And if I also gave up the tyranical corporate world, i would have to relinquish my lifestyle - and the only way to sustain it would be to become an entrepreneur or to find a partner who is my provider.

We are not alone in our quest for something better than we already have, as you said everybody is lost, and all trying to find the key to unlock their box of dreams.

I am lucky however, to have some good friends who are similar to me and we are on the same wavelength, it gives me inspiration.  When I speak with you I also know that you understand and are on the same wavelength. 

So many people in the world are ignorant and prefer to live in their cocoon, never opening their minds to intellectual stimulation - that is why the people you are surrounded by find you peculiar -  they don't understand you, or even try to understand you.  They've been brought up sheltered with no exposure to human diversity or complexities.